Fun Facts

Greatest Musical Influence
Gyorgy Sandor, my teacher and mentor

Favorite Drinks
Veuve Clicquot and Zola's "Pear-fection"

Biting into a fresh fig
Sipping tea, hearing bird songs in the wee morning hours, when no one else is up....
Acute intelligence, humility, imagination.

Humorless people and big egos
Crusty or oily spots and spills on a kitchen counter
Politicians who turn democracy into moneycracy... or money-crazy

Favorite Quotes
"A man is worth what he is, divided by what he thinks he is." Eric Hoffer, American Philosopher and longshoreman
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."  Leonardo da Vinci
"Talent is one step away from being lazy." Daniela Hantuchova, Tennis Champion
"The Power of Love as opposed to the Love of Power would end all conflicts, wars and most famines”

Born in Tripoli, Libya, a fact that triggers intense questioning from immigrations officers whenever I enter the U.S.   My father, a young adventurous geophysicist, was on an oil exploration mission in the Sahara desert in the late 50's-early 60's.

My Children

Fr, Em Jul in Mexico.jpg

François, b. 1990, PhD in Mathematics, Stanford University 2017  (BA, MA in Math, Harvard '11), pianist 


Emile, b. 1993, writer, teacher, stand-up comedian, Yale ’15


Juliette, b. 1998, violinist, New England Conservatory 2020, avid tennis player and epicure

My Husband

Taylor Greer is on the Music Theory faculty at Penn State University. A strong cyclist and tennis player. Such a Francophile that he drinks Pastis with every meal, every season of the year.