Reviews for Cecilia Dunoyer

“Ms. Dunoyer, for all her elegantly assured prestidigitation, is decidedly of the tradition of Alfred Cortot and Yves Nat… Her accomplished pianism insures a rich tonal quality… Her Debussy proved most impressive… Reflets dans l’eau had a cool, shimmering mobility; the pianist’s essentially disciplined sense for Classic shape as filtered through the distorting ripples in the water. Hommage à Rameau was intoned with a grave purity… Conversely, Mouvement created an intoxicating swirl of gears-in-action.”  New York Concert Review
"Pianist Dunoyer demonstrated an aggressive affinity for the musical idiom of twentieth-century France. In Messiaen she shifted skillfully between explosive virulence and rarified delicacy."  New Haven Register
“…an eloquent young pianist… evocative… graceful”  The New York Times
“Ms. Dunoyer’s account of this demanding suite [Pictures at an Exhibition] was exciting and goal-oriented. The audacious pomp of the opening Promenade and the trigger-hair timing of Gnomus riveted the attention… The wistfulness of the Tuileries, the stolid massiveness of Bydlo, the pomp and irony of Samuel Goldenberg and Schmuyle, and the bustle of the Limoges market place were, each and every one, handsomely projected with a firm, richly bronzen tone and an unmistakable ear for orchestral textures and colors.”  New York Concert Review
"... showed finesse, dignity and excellent execution. Dunoyer's technical ability is her strong point... providing excellent communication and liaison with the ensemble... Concerto made magical by Dunoyer... stunning performance of Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 24 in C Minor."  Lincoln Star
"Dunoyer allowed Ravel's pearly waterworks to swell deliciously without ever drenching the audience in willful gushes of sound."  New Haven Register
"In Chopin's Ballade No. 4, Dunoyer's playing rose in intensity, starting from a lyrical contemplative opening and reaching an exciting and powerul climax." Thuringische Landeszeitung, Weimar
"... a proficient artist, with a technical command of the piano and an established musical sense."  Lincoln Journal
"... a very fine musician... has a degree of control over the tone quality and dynamic range of the instrument seldom matched by other pianists... Her playing stands out for its unusual sensitivity and control."  Yale University, Silliman Concerts
“…a bravura performance…in the Ravel Concerto in G Major, playing an exquisitely shaped and musical performance. The second movement, “adagio assai”, which gives much scope to the piano, was played to an audience that hardly dared to breathe for fear of missing a note…”  Centre Daily Times